How to avoid Shock Hazards? Solution File 3

You know, electricity is highly impatient because it is travelling at light speed around 2, 99,460 kilometers in one second. So it is wise to stay away from its path because we cannot move away as fast as electricity. Electric current is the flow of electrons through a conductor when a potential difference develops between the ends of the conductor. Ignorance, mis handling, lack of safety measures can lead to hazardous results like shock or fire. When the conductor offers less resistance, flow current will be fast and if the conductor offers higher resistance, flow of current will be slow. When the current passes through a conductor with higher resistance, heat develops due to friction. Our body, especially the skin is a good conductor for electricity and the skin offers some resistance. So when we touch a live wire, current can easily pass to the earth through the body. Since the skin offers resistance, heat will develop and causes burning. Electricity stimulates nerves and muscles and results in jerking reflex which is considered as shock. We have to understand much in this matter as safety precautions. Let us continue to see this.
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Capacitor Power Supply Design

Circuit designers are now experimenting with capacitor based power supply due to its low cost and light weight features. Unlike resistive type power supply, heat generation and power loss is negligible in capacitor power supply.

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