Mini FM Station for Home. Starter Project 7

9AThis Tiny FM Station can transmit the Songs from an MP3 Player though out the home. Its range is around 100 Meters and operates in the 87.5 MHz frequency. The songs can be heard in a Mobile Phone, FM Radio, Music system etc placed in any room. The unique feature of the FM Transmitter is that it has no Trimmer capacitor . Instead a fixed capacitor is added with the coil to form the Tank circuit. So there is no need for tuning the FM Transmitter. The FM radio will pick its frequency during scanning.
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FM Voice Transmitter. Design Trick 5

You can transmit your speech or audio to an FM radio located more than 100 meters away using this Mini FM transmitter circuit. It is handy and pocket sized ,using only one transistor and a few other easily available components. Try it. I have made it successfully.
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