Understanding Capacitors. Design Note 23

TANTALUM As you know, Capacitors are inevitable parts of an electronic circuit, without which the circuit design is incomplete. Different types of capacitors are used in electronic circuits; each performs a function in the circuit. But basically, all the capacitors act as energy storing and transferring devices. Let us discuss the capacitor types, identification methods and functions.
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Familiarize Electronic Components Part XIV – Colour Coded Capacitor

Usually the value of Capacitor is printed on its body. In Disc and Polyester capacitors, the value is indicated in PF, uF etc or as EIA code. But in some capacitors, the value is represented as coloured rings as in the case of Resistor. The value can be determined using the standard resistor colour code chart. Tantalum bead capacitor is identified in a different way with colour code.

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Familiarize Electronic Components Part I – Resistor and Capacitor

Electronics is a Fun and Hobby and you can try a circuit if you have some basic knowledge in electronics. Circuit making is an interesting hobby and it will improve your memory; sharpness and more over you will utilize the spare time to learn more. The Articles posted here in series will help you to understand the working of electronic components. Component identification tips, Pin assignment of components etc will also be included. Start electronics and enjoy its beauty.

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