Button Torch. Start Up Project 12

2AProbably, this may be the smallest 1 Watt LED Torch working on a Watch battery. It is the “Micro Joule Thief circuit” that is made as compact as possible. It rests on a heat sink of the 1 watt LED and powered by a 1.5V Button Cell. We can make different types of Joule Thief circuits and this experimentation is to make it as small as possible. Try it.
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Joule Thief Circuit. Start Up Project 5

J1You can turn on a 3 Volt LED just using 1.5V Battery. It is the Joule thief circuit doing the trick. Joule thief circuit is a self oscillating voltage booster used to drive light loads like LED. The name Joule thief is given to the circuit because; it is stealing the Joule or energy from the battery. That means, it is extracting energy even from an almost dead battery to power a load. Try it. This is one basic circuit you should know as a starter in electronics.
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Familiarize Electronic Components Part XIX – Inductors

Inductance is the effect caused by the magnetic field when electric current passes through a conductor. During inductance , time varying magnetic fields develop in the conductor due to changes in current flow. The unit of Inductance is Henry and the symbol used is L to honour the Physicist Heinrich Lenz. The components inducing inductance are called as Inductors which are mainly coils that are capable of concentrating magnetic field.

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