IR Sensor Tester. Application Circuit 5

ir-sensor-tester-1Here is a simple tester to test the IR Sensor TSOP 1738. It is a highly sensitive device that damage easily if its input voltage rises above 5V. This Tester can be used to test TSOP 1738 before using in a circuit. It confirms the condition of the Sensor, whether it is functioning properly or not. It can also be used to check the IR Sensors kept in your junk box so that you can keep only the good one for use.

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Remote Tester.Simple Design 22

Remote Tester

A simple circuit to test the TV remote whether it is working or not. TV remote uses Infrared LED to emit pulsed IR rays which are invisible to human eye. So it is difficult to confirm the working of IR Led of remote. This Remote Tester blinks an LED when it receives IR rays from the TV remote.

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Familiarize Electronic Components – Part VI – Photo Sensor

Photo sensors are used to activate / deactivate electronic circuits. The most common Photo sensors used are IR sensor modules . These devices are designed to receive Pulsed Infrared rays from the IR diode from remote handset. Photo modules are used in TV, CD player, FM receivers etc to control the functions. By pressing each button of the remote, it is possible to emit IR of a particular frequency and the Photo module senses these pulsed IR rays to change the activity of the device. TSOP 17… Series Photomodules are excellent Infrared sensors for remote control applications. These IR sensors are designed for improved shielding against electrical field disturbances.

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