Lightning Arrester. Home Utility Circuit. 18


This is the simplest way to protect your valuable electronic equipment like, Telephone, Set top box, Modem, Router  etc from Lightening damage. It instantly bleeds the excessive current flowing through the cables during a lightning discharge. It uses only two components, a TVS diode and an MOV and its cost is just Rs.20. Hook it in the feeder cable going to the equipment and stay relaxed.
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TVS Diode. Component Guide 11

TVS DIODEP6KE12A is a very good TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor ) Diode that can be fixed across the power supply lines to block the transients. It is rated 600 Watts and protects the sensitive electronic devices from the voltage spikes induced on circuit. It can handle up to 12 Amps current. Ideal device to attach across, Telephone lines, Cable TV lines, Transformer power supply etc. It works like a simple Lightning Arrester.
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