Ultrasonic Pest Chaser

Ultrasonic Pest Chaser

Here is an efficient Electronic Pest Repellent to chase Pests from home. It emits Ultrasound in the frequency 9 to 96 kHz which can be set for each Pest. Human can’t here the Ultrasound since it is out of human sound detection range. But most animals can hear Ultrasound.The circuit emits powerful Ultrasound to repel pests.

Mosquitoes are usually repelled between 20 and 40 kHz, Rats around 56 kHz, Cockroaches around 36 kHz and Flies around 30 kHz. Out put power of the circuit is 2 watts 1.3 dB. It can repel Mosquitoes, Rats, Cockroaches, Wall Lizards , House flies etc from home. Made and found effective.

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Familiarize Electronic Components Part XVI – Ultrasound transceivers

Ultrasound transceivers are sensors that send and receive sound vibrations in the Ultrasonic frequencies. These are used in various applications from motion detection to ultrasound imaging. These are also available in pairs called TX (Transmitter) and RX (Receiver) designed to send and receive ultrasound of same frequency, typically 40kHz.Ultrasound vibrates with a frequency greater than the upper limit of human hearing, but it is not separated from the normal sound based on the physical properties.

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