Definitely, Arduino has evolved as a phenomenon in electronics and this Open source prototyping platform has gained immense popularity in the field of electronics. Ever since its introduction in 2005, Arduino has gained much popularity in the electronics world due to its easy to use application properties. It is an extremely easy to use platform compared to other prototyping platforms and uses flexible hardware and software to create an interactive environment. Designers can use the libraries and reference designs to integrate Arduino into their projects.

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Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth technology offers wireless access to LANs, PSTN, Mobile network and portable handheld devices. The Bluetooth enabled devices communicate wirelessly through short range network called”Piconets”. The Piconets establish connection with the Bluetooth automatically as the Bluetooth device enters the proximity of the radio communication. The technology of Bluetooth was named after Harald Blaatand Bluetooth II, the king of Denmark.

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Data Logger

Data logging is the technique used to measure and record the physical parameters over a period of time. This method is used in various applications like environmental monitoring, health monitoring, machinery monitoring, vehicle data logging etc. Common measurements in Data logging include measurement of temperature, pressure, voltage, strain, force, acceleration, current etc. Data logger is a paperless chart recorder that measures the physical parameters and converts them in to digital data. Data logger has built in display or facility to transfer the data into the PC. The data can be stored for long time and it is easy to generate the report at any time. Data loggers are more easy to use than the Real Time Data Acquisition Systems and Chart Recorders.

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