The term Blog is familiar to most of the internet users and it is the part of Social networking. Blog is actually a kind of Online journal providing lot of informations to the world. It is a kind of Website owned by individuals to promote ideas, share knowledge and to inform the people about the changes in the world. Blog maintenance is usually done with regular entries of comments, description of events, and other materials like images and videos. The word Blog is actually the mixing of two terms “Web” and” Log”. The two terms were mixed together dropping the letters ‘w’ and ‘e’. The term Blog can be used as a verb which means “to maintain” or “to edit”. The term Weblog was coined by John Barger in 1997 and the short form of it, the Blog was coined by Peter Merholz. The person writing texts in the Blog is the “Blogger”. Most of the Blogs are highly interactive and dynamic allowing the readers to make comments, suggestions etc about the postings. These interactions are not seen in static Websites.

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