Hacked LED Flood Light. Start Up Project 19

16AOnce I purchased a 10 watts LED Flood light for Rs. 450. The Ad was so attractive that it is capable of giving light similar to 40 watts Tube light with low current consumption. But the result was disappointing. So hacked it to see the power, current and voltage consumption. It is a 12Volt 10 Watts LED Flood light as mentioned in the pack. The result was very interesting. Nothing matches with theory, specification and real measurements. Generally, the 10 Watt White LED works on 12 V DC and requires 500 mA to 1 Amps current to get full brightness and Flood light effect. It has around 10V Forward voltage. It is usually powered by a high current LED driver that delivers 500 mA to 1 Amps current. Here comes the reality. Many LED flood lights use low current LED drivers or Capacitor power supply. LED Driver is a small SMPS with an output current rating. It must match with the current requirement of the LED. Cheap Capacitor power supply can give only 75 mA current per uF. So we purchase the lights by looking the specifications on the package and not realizing the actual condition of the light. To experiment with that Flood light, opened it to see what is happening inside.Secret revealed.
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Mains Tester cum Night Lamp. Home Utility Circuit 20

MAINS-MONITOR-2Here is a dual purpose LED light powered directly from 230V AC. It indicates whether power is available or not in the Three pin socket. Its second function is that, it is a very good Night lamp giving sufficient light in the room. If it is plugged in the Mains box, it shows whether domestic power supply is present or not and also gives light in the Mains box to work in night. Its cost is just Rs. 15.

Designed and developed by D.Mohankumar

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Emergency Light. Home Utility Circuit 10

emergency-lightMake your own Emergency light using only a few components. It is powered by a 4 V 2 Ah Mini Lead Acid battery and uses Six 0.5 Watts White LED. Its output will be 3 Watts. Let us start to make it.
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Mini Solar Light. Home Utility Circuit 5

IMAGEYou can make this Solar light using only a few components. You need a 3 V Solar panel, two 1.5 V Rechargeable Pen cells and few other components. It is a miniature Portable Solar light that can be placed anywhere like garden, porch or even in an outing place. During day time battery charges from Solar panel and at Sunset, White LED turns on for around 6 hours.
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Kid’s Lamp. Simple Design 17

Child's Lamp 2

This simple White LED lamp is useful in Kid’s study room to get light when power fails. It avoids the Panic situation of sudden darkness and the Kid can go out easily. It turns on immediately when the room light turns off. It is too small, Matchbox size and is Battery operated. It remains off during daytime if there is day light in the room.
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