9 thoughts on “Troubleshooting Tips

  1. Dear sir,
    I am using FM cum USB ready kit.It many time happens while USB running ,on power fluctuation it went in to FM mode.Is it possible to fix it as USB reader only? Please if it is possible let me
    know at your earliest.

  2. how to increase the range of the mobile bug circuit to upto atleast 10m iam doing this for my final year project so plz try to help sir

      1. sir already saw that page sir i still dont know how to increase the range to about 5m in the mobile bug circuit . shall i drop this a do the mobile sniffer instead ? will it give good range ? if so plz do tell sir.

        waiting for ur reply sir.

      2. HelloVicky
        Thanks for your interest in my circuit Mobile Bug. It is designed as a pocket type detector for personal use with a range of 2-3 meters radius depending on the type of mobile phone.It can detect the cell phone activities close to us so that we can detect the misuse like snapping, sending videos,messages etc. Many people asked me to increase the range of detection. I have tried, but the circuit is showing false triggering, since the cell phone use far away from the circuit is triggering it and even the strong RF in the atmosphere is also making the circuit erratic.More over if the range is increased, it will not serve the purpose. We cannot detect, which cell phone is doing the misuse.You can slightly increase the range by changing the feed back resistor of IC1 with an 1M preset and a 470K resistor combination as feedback resistor . So that it is possible to adjust the gain of IC1.If you want to use in a Room, see my second circuit published in EFY.If you want a long range one, use the mobile sniffer.

  3. Dear Sir,
    I have a big problem with cell tower radiation in my house. Actually where I am living is a pollution
    free area, it is a village with full of peace, but recently aircel installed a cell phone tower near my
    house approx 50 feet away ,height of the tower is near about 60 feet.
    All Room of my house are faced to the tower directly, we, villagers protest against that, but we are
    unable to stop them. This tower getting power from DG & inverter as there is no high tension
    line.DG is creating humming noise about 16 hours a day but the main matter is we are feeling
    burning sensation in our body, headache from last one & half year, firstly we are unable to detect
    what is the cause, but now we can feel that the micro wave radiation is causing this.
    Now my request to you sir, please give me some solution about how can i shield my house from micro wave radiation, as we are unable to move another place because it is a big economical issue for us. Please design something as Shielding antenna, Or microwave absorber etc by which we can shield our house from bad effect of radiation.
    I am a hobbiest & a regular reader of EFY & also this site, my kind request to you sir please design some cheep electronics circuit to measure micro wave radiation level in room, and the measurement procedure by which we can monitor it at our house.
    I am waiting for your kind suggestion.

    Thanks & Regards
    Bikash Bhattacharjee
    Kolkata – 700128
    Mob- 09830180610

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