Varying brightness LED Lamp.Sensor Circuit 11

This simple White LED lamp can be used in areas where little light is needed. It uses a High bright white LED and its brightness depends on the ambient light in the room. In dark, it give maximum light and in light it switches off. If the light intensity is low, it gives moderate light.
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Plug in Emergency Lamp. Utility Gadgets 1

This Mini portable White LED Emergency Lamp is highly useful in the event of an unexpected power failure. It gives sufficient light in the room. It is too small and is an ideal utility gadget for the use in camp places during journey. It can be plugged in just like a Mobile charger.

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Child’s Lamp. Beginners Trial 5

Use this Automatic White LED Lamp in the Child’s study room to avoid the panic situation of a sudden power failure. It gives sufficient light to move away from the room. Make it and impress the child.If it is enclosed in Doll with White LED as the head light, the child will be happy.

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IR Triggered White LED Lamp

You can switch on this short duration White LED Lamp using the TV remote. The lamp turns off automatically after 3 minutes. It gives sufficient light in the room if you want to locate the remote buttons.

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White LED Lamp using Mobile Battery

Here is a cute White LED Lamp that automatically switches on when the ambient light in the room decreases. It is too small and powered by the Mobile phone battery. The circuit uses only a few components and can be assembled in 10 minutes.

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Strip LED Lamp

This is my latest circuit published in EFY Sept 2011 issue. It is a simple White LED Lamp that automatically turns on in the evening and stays on till morning. It uses the recently evolved SMD  Strip LED Chips.

STRIP LED LAMP Click to see