Three Pin Socket Tester. Home Utility Circuit.19

3We use a number of Three Pin Sockets in our home. It has three connections- Phase, Neutral and Earth. Earth connection is an important safety measure to bleed the leakage current if any from the device using. In a Metal bodied device, if there is current leakage, there is the possibility of shock hazard . So the Earth connection should be intact to bleed the leakage current. How can we check whether the Earth connection is intact or not. The AC Tester check will not give the result because there is no current in Earth line. No problem, this tiny circuit will confirm whether the Earth connection is intact or not. The Green LED lights if the earth connection is intact, otherwise not. It is too simple, and can be enclosed in a Three Pin Socket itself.
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Battery Monitor. Home Utility Circuit 14

Battery-Monitor-1Most of the Surveillance systems and CCTV camera uses rechargeable 9 volt battery. This simple Battery Monitor can be hooked to the 9 V battery so that it indicates the voltage in the battery through visual indications. When the Test switch is pressed, the Bicolour LED lights as Green if the battery voltage is above 9V (fully charged) , it lights Yellow when the voltage is between 7.5V and 9V, ( moderate charge ) and lights Red when the battery voltage is below 7.5 ( needs charging ).
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Automatic Lighting System. Home Utility Circuit 6

downloadSave energy by installing an Automatic lighting system in your home. Connect the external lights to the system, so that it turns on the lights in the evening and turns off in the morning. No daily switching is needed and, it will light the premises of home even if nobody is there. It is too small and can be enclosed in a small plastic case.
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Tank Over flow Alarm. Home Utility Circuit 4

IMAGEThis is the simplest type of a Tank over flow Alarm circuit that can be used to prevent the overflow of water from the over head tank. Thus it prevents the wastage of water during pumping. The circuit is too simple and its cost is just Rs. 25 including the battery.
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Invisible Tester. Simple Design 8

IR-DIODE-TESTER-CIRCUIT-2Title of the circuit is deliberately given because it is used for testing the Photo diodes, Infrared LEDs, Photo transistors etc working in “Silent Mode”. How can we confirm an Infrared LED is working or not. It gives No visible indication. It is working and emitting Infrared rays but the IR rays are beyond our spectral response and we can’t see it. So this simple tester will help you to check whether such devices are good or bad before using in a circuit or even during trouble shooting. Not only one function the tester doing . It can test, all diodes, Capacitors, LEDs etc. Its cost is just Rs.10 but it is a worth tool.
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High- Low Voltage Cut Off. Utility Gadgets.2

Protect your appliances from High and Low voltage fluctuations. This simple circuit can do a lot and immediately break the power from the appliance if there is any increase or decrease in the Mains voltage. It similar to the working of A Stabilizer to sense high and low voltage fluctuations. The trick is simple and the circuit costs only Rs.100.
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Simple Heat Sensor. Beginners’ Trial 1

Here is a 3 component Heat sensor. You can attach it with the heat generating devices like CD player, Inverter etc. When the heat inside the cabinet of the device increases above the set limit, buzzer beeps.
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