Tank Over flow Alarm. Home Utility Circuit 4

IMAGEThis is the simplest type of a Tank over flow Alarm circuit that can be used to prevent the overflow of water from the over head tank. Thus it prevents the wastage of water during pumping. The circuit is too simple and its cost is just Rs. 25 including the battery.
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PIR Light Switch. Home Utility Circuit 3

PIR-SENSOR-TOP-VIEWPIR Motion Sensor Modules are now available at low cost and it can be used to make Motion sensor alarms, PIR light switches etc. It requires only a few components and within few minutes, you can make a highly useful gadget for your home. Let us see the details of PIR Module and the circuits.
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Car Battery Charger. Home Utility Circuit 2

LEAD-ACID-BATTERYIf you own a Car, you need a Battery charger to charge the battery if the vehicle is not running daily. Car battery is rated 12 Volt 32 Amps or 45 Amps. It needs both charge and discharge cycles to keep the battery always in top condition. Aging of battery starts just after its manufacturing and as the age increases, the Lead Acid battery loses its capacity to hold charge. Here is a simple Car battery charger you can make.
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Charger for 3.6V Battery. Home Utility Circuit 1

3.6V-BATTERYNow a day’s many LED Torches and Emergency lights are using in Home which are powered by 3.6 Volt rechargeable battery. Due to improper charging, battery will damage and the torch becomes useless. In many of the makes, a Transformerless power supply is used to charge the battery but it may easily fail due to voltage spikes in the mains line. So here is a simple battery charger for all kinds gadgets using 3.6 V battery.
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Accelerometer. Component Guide 12

Accelerometer ModuleAccelerometer is an Electromechanical device that measures the acceleration process. The forces may be Static or Dynamic. Accelerometer Chip is now available to interface with the Micro controller based projects like Robotics, Drones etc. It is a tiny chip that senses the tilt and with reference to the G-force ( Gravity) it generates a tiny output voltage. A Comparator will measure the voltage and accordingly the micro controller sends signals for the corresponding movement.
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TVS Diode. Component Guide 11

TVS DIODEP6KE12A is a very good TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor ) Diode that can be fixed across the power supply lines to block the transients. It is rated 600 Watts and protects the sensitive electronic devices from the voltage spikes induced on circuit. It can handle up to 12 Amps current. Ideal device to attach across, Telephone lines, Cable TV lines, Transformer power supply etc. It works like a simple Lightning Arrester.
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DB 107S Bridge Rectifier. Component Guide 10

SMD BRIDGE RECTIFIERBridge Rectifier is used to convert AC to DC and the process is known as Rectification. IN 4007 diodes are used to make a Fullwave Rectifier bridge. After rectification, the AC ripples from the DC will be removed using a high value Smoothing capacitor. Bridge Rectifier modules are available to make the circuit compact. DB107S is the SMD version of the Bridge rectifier Module. It is some what larger in size, so that it can be soldered easily. DB107S can handle up to 1000 volts and 1 Ampere current.
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